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New Zealand Cookbooks: Coming of Age by Staying Close to Home

A glance over the list of nonfiction authors who traveled from New Zealand to Frankfurt in celebration of the Frankfurt Book Fair’s Guest of Honor reveals a decidedly gourmet bent: of the 18 authors listed, eight are food or wine writers–almost 45%. This skew toward one particular category, says Kevin Chapman, MD of Hachette New…Continue Reading

As You Like It: Custom Publishing’s Double Digit Growth

Beginning with a dramatic reading of Cashmere If You Can, HarperCollins‘ collaboration with Saks Fifth Avenue, NYU‘s “Custom Publishing: State of the Art — and State of the Business 2005” kicked off on November 17 at its midtown campus. Co-hosted by the Custom Publishing Council (CPC) and the Center for Publishing, the day-long seminar brought…Continue Reading

Desperately Seeking Sales

PT Examines the Non-Traditional Publishing Spectrum; Major Houses Ramp Up Custom Forget public service announcements: The American Heart Association wants you to know that Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s first boyfriend had Wildberry Skittles breath. As part of their effort to get women “to band together to wipe out heart disease” the AHA and national sponsor Macy’s commissioned…Continue Reading

Browsing the Big Boxes

With trusty correspondents fanned out over the big-box landscape this October, word comes back that while bestsellers and brand names are alive and well, who controls those brands varies depending on the venue. At Sam’s Club, for instance, the publisher of record for Williams-Sonoma is Simon & Schuster (The Williams-Sonoma Collection), while at Costco, it’s…Continue Reading

Book View: August 2003

People Mary Albi has been named VP Sales & Marketing in the New York office of the Continuum International Publishing Group. She was most recently VP Sales & Marketing at Phaidon Press . . . Roy Levenson has been named VP Finance & Operations at Barnes & Noble Publishing, reporting to Alan Kahn. He was…Continue Reading

‘Caveat Vendor’ at DMA

The prognosis for global clicks-and-mortar convergence was rather dire at the 83rd Direct Marketing Association annual conference — which is saying something, considering that this was where e-commerce and one-to-one marketing gurus had gathered to assess the state-of-the-art in web-based consumerism. Officially, of course, conferees boasted about the soon-to-be billion Internet users, and celebrated “The…Continue Reading

Packaging Luxe

Want a Williams-Sonoma Cookbook to Go With That $379 Toaster? No retailer engenders guilty pleasure quite like Williams-Sonoma, the high-end purveyor of “home-centered” furnishings. Universally known for its $159 bottles of balsamic vinegar (“a unique viscosity and sumptuous flavor”) and $379 toasters (“this versatile appliance can also toast a sandwich”), Williams-Sonoma has invented a whole…Continue Reading

Chefs Shake Up the Cookbook Market

When Bobby Flay went down in flames on the Food Network’s Iron Chef program last Sunday, having been crushed by opponent Masaharu Morimoto in the gladiatorial cook-off, you might have thought the Mesa Grill honcho’s defeat would darken one of the culinary universe’s brightest stars. Not likely. What with Nina and Tim Zagat among the…Continue Reading