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Publishers Offering Creative Writing Classes, in the UK and Beyond

In a world where “content and form can be easily separated, writers…are nothing short of desperate to understand the change that technology has forced upon traditional publishing,” writes Jason Allen Ashlock, President of Movable Type Management, in a recent Digital Book World post. In the interest of authors being better informed, some publishers are getting…Continue Reading

A Literature of Their Own: Scottish Publishing & the Edinburgh International Book Festival

As dead as August is on the rest of the world’s cultural calendar, there might well be no more important month in Scotland. In addition to the Fringe Theater Festival, every August brings the Edinburgh International Book Festival (EIBF), this year running August 11-27. With over 800 authors and around a quarter of a million…Continue Reading

Pivotcon Profiles the Power of the Social Consumer

(Version 3.0 of The Conversation Prism infographic first created by Brian Solis and JESS3 in 2008 to map the social media universe by “features and capabilities.”) When Pivotcon kicked off in October, 2010, Douglas Rushkoff christened it the“TED of Marketing.” Programmed and hosted this year by new media guru Brian Solis, Pivotcon brought together  635…Continue Reading