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People Roundup, November 2011

PEOPLE Ira Silverberg has been named Literature Director at the National Endowment for the Arts. He was most recently an agent at Sterling Lord Literistic. Angus Killick will be joining Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group as VP and Associate Publisher, reporting to Jon Yaged, President of Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group (MCPG). In this newly-created position, Killick…Continue Reading

Bookview, September 2006

PEOPLE The Book Industry Study Group has a new Executive Director in the person of Michael Healy, Editorial Director of Nielsen Book Services. He will be the keynote speaker at BISG’s September 8 annual meeting and may be reached at [email protected] BISG’s previous Director, Jeff Abraham, left at the beginning of the year to become…Continue Reading

Trendspotting 2006

Last year brought more change to an industry which is, with varying results, trying hard to embrace it. We asked some people who have recently undergone and embraced their own transitions, to look at what changes they see on the horizon. Herewith: Larry Kirshbaum, Former CEO, TWBG President, LJK Literary Management & PW’s Publisher of…Continue Reading

Marketing Makeover

WOM’s The Word As Podcasts, Blogging, Buzz & Viral Go Mainstream Although the book publishing industry as a whole has yet to go viral in the way of blockbusters or burgers (Have you “crashed” the Wedding Crashers trailer or Had It Your Way with Burger King‘s Subservient Chicken?), many in the industry say they’re not…Continue Reading

The Other Book Club

A gaggle of writers and publishers gathered at the Small Press Center in mid-April to witness a lively panel discussion on the growing phenomenon of Reading Groups, aka the Other Book Clubs. PT attended the panel and then did follow up interviews with some of the panelists. Organized by Mark Kaufman, Donna Paz Kaufman who…Continue Reading

Trendspotting 2005

Phillip Sturrock, Chairman & CEO, Continuum Int’l Publishing Group There’s a small word to describe China, but it’s hugely accurate: “big.” China is a country with a population of at least 1.3 billion, an annual economic growth rate of about 8%, and the motivation to modernize quickly. Literacy is increasing, the teaching of English is…Continue Reading

Thrilling Ebook Sales? Mirabile Dictu

Like most publishers’ ebook expectations in this deflated era of digital publishing, Seven Stories Press had fairly unspectacular ones. They dutifully digitized their files. They hung out their e-shingle. They even wrangled a way to sell ebooks directly from their site. And the results trickled in. “Tiny” is the word one executive used. Even Noam…Continue Reading