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People Roundup, November 2012

PEOPLE Sandy disrupted our office (and schedule), so here’s an update on the last few weeks’ news: It has been announced that Steve Perrine, Publisher of Books, is leaving Rodale. Also as part of the announcement, it has been said that he and David Zinczenko, SVP and Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health and General Manager of Rodale’s Healthy Living Group, are…Continue Reading

Festival Sprawl

Leave it to the rookies to shake things up. Ann Binkley and Edward Nawotka were hardly new to the book biz — Binkley most recently PR director at Borders, and Nawotka an editor at PW — but they were admittedly novices at organizing book festivals. So, they thought, why don’t we ask the pros? At…Continue Reading

New York Is Book Country — But So Are Seattle, Santa Fe and Amarillo

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT INSIDE.COM (9/18/00) This week marks the beginning of the 22nd year of New York is Book Country, one of the oldest and largest American book fairs. Typically, New Yorkers think the publishing business begins and ends in this city, and with 350 writers, more than 200 exhibits — including a new technology…Continue Reading