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Forty Years in the Book Industry

The annual Book Industry Study Group (BISG) meeting took place on September 30th – coincidentally on the eve of its new Executive Director Brian O’Leary’s first day in his new job, October 3rd.  Almost one hundred members and industry participants came for the program and to celebrate BISG’s 40th anniversary.  Awards were also given out, the…Continue Reading

People Round-Up, Early May 2016

PEOPLE Leslie Gelbman joined St. Martin’s Press as Executive Editor-at-Large. She was previously President at Berkley. This move comes shortly after Nora Roberts, whom Gelbman edits, signed with SMP. David Hirshey will leave his position as Publisher at HarperCollins in mid-June after 18 years with the company. Micki Nuding retired as Senior Editor at Gallery…Continue Reading

The Undead E-Book

Ebooks are: (a) dead (b) undead (c) other. If you answered “all of the above,” you are more correct than you know. As spring turns to summer, not just the trees but oddly enough ebooks — through whose black heart the New York Times drove a stake last fall — are sprouting. Palm, which has…Continue Reading