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A Cup of Good Cheer: Publishers Do Good in 2008

In these tough economic times, it’s nice to hear something other than bad news. So here’s our third annual roundup of publishers doing good. We hope it warms your heart and inspires you in the New Year—here’s to 2009! Each summer, Robin Straus of the Robin Straus Agency volunteers at Circle of Tapawingo, a weeklong…Continue Reading

Prestige Fatigue: Book Awards- Marginal? Must-Have? Discuss.

In a prestige driven industry like publishing, scooping up a book award is often considered critical to sales success. But just as the book market has become increasingly fragmented over the past ten years, so has the awards market. Competition not only among books, but among the prizes themselves, is heating up – for every…Continue Reading

Book View, December 2001

PEOPLE Congrats to Phyllis Grann — and Random House — who have finally tied the knot in what is perhaps the last good news of ’01? Word is that not all publishers there are equally excited, leading to speculation about whether the last card has yet been played. Back at Penguin Putnam, Adrian Zackheim has…Continue Reading

Book View, March 2001

PEOPLE A relatively quiet month, personnel-wise: Peter Bernstein has taken a new position as Editor-in-Chief of the University Alliance for Life-Long Learning, an online venture of Oxford, Stanford, Princeton, and Yale Universities to develop distance learning courses. He had been working on an author website, AuthorByAuthor. . . . VP and Managing Director Scott Lubeck…Continue Reading