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Who’s Scouting Whom: Literary Scouts Contact Sheet 2014

The companies on our latest annual Who’s Scouting Whom Literary Scout Contact Sheet remain largely the same as previous years’. The most notable change among the agencies is the retirement of Jutta Klein at the end of 2013 and the addition of Kelly Farber. Each scout’s clients are separated by country or region, and representation for children’s…Continue Reading

Who’s Scouting Whom: Literary Scouts Contact Sheet 2012

The 2012 version of our annual Who’s Scouting Whom Literary Scout Contact Sheet remains largely the same as last year’s. The most notable change among the 14 agencies listed is the growth of the Erin Edmison / Peter Harper venture and Liz Gately Book Scouting, both of which have more than doubled their roster of…Continue Reading

Bookview, May 2007

PEOPLE Carl Raymond has been recruited by Scholastic’s Trade president, Lisa Holton, to the newly created position of Director of New Media Projects. He was most recently Adult Publishing Director of DK. HarperCollins Group President Brian Murray announced that Joe Tessitore, President of Collins since 2004, will retire from full-time publishing by November 1. In…Continue Reading

Hard Habits to Break

Curvings of a Self-Help Author,Imaginary Friends in France Rated-R in Taiwan Eva Agull ó has become famous after writing a successful book about addiction in Luc ía Etxebarria’s new novel A Miracle in Balance, which has charged to number 4 on the list in Spain. However, in Rush Limbaugh-like fashion, she herself has become a…Continue Reading

Culture Shock

Italians Battle Reclusive Tenants, Food Taster Plays With Fire, Tony Soprano Takes Normandy Like an episode of House Hunters gone terribly awry, the latest offering of Italy’s Andrea De Carlo, Wind Shear, sets two well-acquainted couples (along with their trusty real estate agent) off from Milan to visit some country houses which they hope to…Continue Reading

International Fiction Bestsellers

In a semiological send-up worthy of a Roland Barthes essay, Christine Orban falls head over heels into the gap between le geste and la parole as her latest novel The Silence of Men takes aim at the bestseller list in France (it’s currently at #12). Described as a marvel of “intense, concise writing” full of…Continue Reading