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Literary Agent Contact Sheet 2015

We’ve updated our Literary Agent Contact Sheet for 2015. This contact sheet is one of our largest and most extensive. The 2015 list has contact information for hundreds of literary agents and agencies across the United States. To conserve space, the word “agency” has been omitted from most listings. Those agencies doing business under a…Continue Reading

Literary Agent Contact Sheet 2013

The 2013 Literary Agent Contact Sheet marks the return of one of our most extensive and oft-requested contact sheets, and provides updated contact information for over 225 literary agents and agencies around the United States. In the interest of space, the word “agency” has been omitted from most listings. Those agencies doing business under a single last name are…Continue Reading

Is an MBA “value added”? Ask the grads

While MBAs have long been thought of as a major advantage in the corporate job market, there have traditionally been relatively few in trade publishing.  But that has been changing in the last decade or so – beyond house heads such as HarperCollins’ Brian Murray, Macmillan’s John Sargeant, and Perseus’s David Steinberger who have theirs (Simon & Schuster’s Carolyn Reidy has a PhD), Random…Continue Reading

A Cup of Good Cheer: Publishers Do Good in 2008

In these tough economic times, it’s nice to hear something other than bad news. So here’s our third annual roundup of publishers doing good. We hope it warms your heart and inspires you in the New Year—here’s to 2009! Each summer, Robin Straus of the Robin Straus Agency volunteers at Circle of Tapawingo, a weeklong…Continue Reading

For Americanized Brit Books, A Snog Is Just A Snog

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT INSIDE.COM (8/15/01) Goodbye, pudding … hello, Jell-O. That’s what millions of children recited as the battle over packaging Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for the American market flared a few years back. In the stateside edition, gelatin prevailed, while “crooked” morphed into “wonky,” school “holidays” became “vacations,” and “bobbles” were no…Continue Reading

Book View, July 2001

PEOPLE There’s much happening at 375 Hudson Street: Danny Gurr has resigned as CEO of DK’s US operations, as a result of the following organizational changes effective immediately: The US editorial department will report primarily to DK UK Publisher Christopher Davis. Sales and Marketing will report through Dick Heffernan, President, Director of Sales, Adult Hardcover…Continue Reading

Chefs Shake Up the Cookbook Market

When Bobby Flay went down in flames on the Food Network’s Iron Chef program last Sunday, having been crushed by opponent Masaharu Morimoto in the gladiatorial cook-off, you might have thought the Mesa Grill honcho’s defeat would darken one of the culinary universe’s brightest stars. Not likely. What with Nina and Tim Zagat among the…Continue Reading

Book View, May 2000

As PowerfulMedia’s Inside.com launches in the next week(s), look for Publishing Trends columns, which will run periodically during the month. PEOPLE Maureen Golden is leaving Workman Publishing at the end of May, after less than nine months in the company. Golden was previously at B&N. . . Also leaving in late May is Paula Duffy,…Continue Reading