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People Roundup, March 2012

PEOPLE Open Road announced that Tina Pohlman, Vice President, Publisher, Three Rivers Press and Broadway Paperbacks/Crown Publishing, will be its new Publisher, starting on March 5.  Market Partners International conducted the search. Earlier, Open Road announced that former Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Bantam Dell Nita Taublib will be a Strategic Advisor for Romance. And, former Holt Editor-in-Chief Marjorie Braman is joining Open…Continue Reading

WebVisions imagines the future of user experience (UX)

Should Portland, Oregon be our touchstone for the future or the past? “The dream of the 90s is still alive in Portland” sings the anthem for the hit TV show Portlandia, celebrating the city as a cultural cul de sac stuck in another age.  Then there’s WebVisions, a tech conference that originated in Portland twelve years ago…Continue Reading

How a 21st century publisher thinks: an interview with Louis Rosenfeld of Rosenfeld Media

A ubiquitous sight at WebVisions was the Rosenfeld Media book cart which offered for sale all 8 of the books published to date. One of the conference sponsors, Rosenfeld Media specializes in books about user experience and Louis Rosenfeld, its founder and publisher was the first day’s keynote speaker. Editorial Contributor Rich Kelley sat down with…Continue Reading

Ad:tech New York: SoLoMo and much mo’

With 50 talks over three days and close to 300 exhibitors, ad:tech New York is one of the world’s largest Interactive Marketing conferences. On the first day social media strategist Lynne d. Johnson invoked one of its main themes with a slide with one stark acronym: “SoLoMo”— a mashup of social, local, and mobile. They’re…Continue Reading

Pivotcon Profiles the Power of the Social Consumer

(Version 3.0 of The Conversation Prism infographic first created by Brian Solis and JESS3 in 2008 to map the social media universe by “features and capabilities.”) When Pivotcon kicked off in October, 2010, Douglas Rushkoff christened it the“TED of Marketing.” Programmed and hosted this year by new media guru Brian Solis, Pivotcon brought together  635…Continue Reading

Geeking out at SMX East on SEO, PPC, PLAs and retargeting

Are there search geeks? Spend a day at this year’s Search Marketing Expo (better known as SMX East) and you’ll have no doubt. And any publisher curious about what it takes to connect directly to book buyers would find a motherlode of information here. For the fourth year Internet marketers swarmed the 55 sessions at…Continue Reading

The World Science Festival and Internet Week: Insights Galore!

PT thanks content developer and marketing consultant Rich Kelley for this piece. When Pulitzer Prize-winner Jonathan Weiner, author of a book on immortality (Long for This World), blogs that he is looking forward to hearing four scientists “talk (and possibly) spar” about the current state of longevity research, you expect he knows something. And World Science Festival…Continue Reading

New Tools and Tactics for the User-Driven Web: Search Engine Strategies 2011

Publishing Trends thanks marketing and content development consultant Rich Kelley for this report. Which webpage headline converts better: “Sign up for a free account” or “Sign up in 60 seconds”? Is there a better way to check backlinks than by using Google? Should you hire an agency to retarget website visitors or can you do…Continue Reading

Making Search Convert: Search Engine Strategies 2010

Thanks to marketing consultant Rich Kelley for this piece. “Ever-evolving engines” was the theme of this year’s Search Engine Strategies conference in March in New York—but finding the tactic that gets the best results was much more on the minds of the 5,000 attendees. “Traditional direct mail generates conversions of two to three percent,” noted…Continue Reading

ad:tech New York 2008: Curating for Relevance, Parsing What’s Social

PT thanks New York-based marketing consultant Rich Kelley for this report. “Content is no longer something you hand down from on high on a sacred tablet,” advised John Byrne, editor-in-chief of BusinessWeek. Today it’s more like “a campfire that you use to gather people. What becomes important is what then happens among the people.” The…Continue Reading