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Paying the Way: Reading John Howkins’ The Creative Economy

With this post, PublishingTrends.com continues its regular column in which it reviews, explicates and excerpts books that we think will resonate with people in the business of publishing and media.  **** With lots of comments lately about books being defined more in terms of “content” in the face of new digital media, the role of creativity in the publishing industry has become…Continue Reading

If You Can’t Put ‘Sex’ in a Title, Try ‘Startup’

Every publication tries to live up to its name and PublishingTrends.com is no exception: our focus is on industry trends.  In a recent People Magazine on what’s “In” and “Out,” we talked about how YA novels are moving from an obsession with vampires and werewolves, to one with angels and demons.  Over the years, we…Continue Reading