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AAP Annual Meeting: Fighting for Common Ground

At the annual Association of American Publishers meeting in New York on February 28, the topic was “Innovative Solutions for Historic Challenges,” and those ranged from education to the current congressional impasse, to copyright.  Education critic and NYU professor Diane Ravitch was on hand to address the first, Senator Olympia Snowe discussed the second, and…Continue Reading

Distribution ‘Route Map’

Last month PT surveyed the bulging book-bags of client distribution players in the US, and a report to be released this month from the British Publishers Association indicates that a bundle of business from across the pond may well be coming their way. The US Book Market: A Survey and Route Map for UK Publishers,…Continue Reading

Discounts on the Danube

Battle Over Price Maintenance Roils The European Book Trade In case there was any doubt about it, German culture minister Michael Naumann will not go gently into his country’s cultural good night. Portraying himself to the media as a lonely lookout on the prow of the Titanic, scanning for the iceberg that will plunge German…Continue Reading