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People Roundup, November 2012

PEOPLE Sandy disrupted our office (and schedule), so here’s an update on the last few weeks’ news: It has been announced that Steve Perrine, Publisher of Books, is leaving Rodale. Also as part of the announcement, it has been said that he and David Zinczenko, SVP and Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health and General Manager of Rodale’s Healthy Living Group, are…Continue Reading

AAUP 2012: Coming Full Circle

The AAUP’s annual meeting (held back-to-back with the biannual museum publishing seminar in Chicago) on June 18-20 was not only lively, but oversubscribed following two dismal, gloomy years, and all attendees were in good spirits.  As Jennifer Howard described in her coverage for The Chronicle of Higher Education, “The numbers created some logistical hassles but…Continue Reading

2004: Technology Boom Redux

Last week’s news about Google closing in on its goal of a global virtual library by partnering with the likes of Oxford University and the New York Public Library is a good place to start with a roundup of our reporting throughout 2004 — a year that felt much like the early 1990s, before people’s…Continue Reading

Team Work

Facing ‘Oblivion,’ University Presses Rally ‘Round New Distribution Models Deep in a dark closet in the bowels of the University of Chicago Press’ main building resides whatmay be the answer to all university presses’ distribution woes. On a computer server, dubbed the BiblioVault, sit 5,000 books in digital format from close to 30 university presses….Continue Reading