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Freelance Publicists Contact Sheet 2017

Publishing Trends’ annually updated contact sheet of freelance book publicists includes several firms and individuals specializing in a wide range of genres and approaches. The majority of the publicists listed use both traditional and digital approaches, plus we have two digital-only publicists who specialize in various aspects of online and social marketing and publicity. Each firm chooses a…Continue Reading

Publicists Contact Sheet 2015

Once again,  Publishing Trends has assembled a contact sheet of freelance publicists. We’ve added some names, and retired some, but the list continues to expand as the need for publicity services grows. Many firms utilize both traditional and digital approaches to book publicity, and again we have three digital-only firms. To download a PDF of this…Continue Reading

Poaching the Publicists

The Latest Truism: A Good Publicist Is Hard to Find Judging by reports of empty cubicles in publicity departments at several large publishing houses, it seems the latest truism in the book biz is this: a good publicist is hard to find. While entry-level publicity jobs have always had precipitous burn-out rates, it seems that…Continue Reading