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The Chattering Classes Transformed to Tweeting Tribes

With this post, PublishingTrends.com continues its regular column in which it reviews, explicates and excerpts books that we think will resonate with people in the business of publishing and media.  **** The Tao of Twitter by Mark Schaefer  (McGraw-Hill) is coming out on August 3rd, and in the year since the first edition was published, much has changed.  More people and businesses…Continue Reading

If You Can’t Put ‘Sex’ in a Title, Try ‘Startup’

Every publication tries to live up to its name and PublishingTrends.com is no exception: our focus is on industry trends.  In a recent People Magazine on what’s “In” and “Out,” we talked about how YA novels are moving from an obsession with vampires and werewolves, to one with angels and demons.  Over the years, we…Continue Reading

The World Science Festival and Internet Week: Insights Galore!

PT thanks content developer and marketing consultant Rich Kelley for this piece. When Pulitzer Prize-winner Jonathan Weiner, author of a book on immortality (Long for This World), blogs that he is looking forward to hearing four scientists “talk (and possibly) spar” about the current state of longevity research, you expect he knows something. And World Science Festival…Continue Reading

Search Engine Strategies Conference 2009

PT thanks New York–based marketing consultant Rich Kelley for his reporting. Social media and search had quite a mashup at this year’s Search Engine Strategies Conference. For three days, 5500 attendees alternated between panels on social media optimization strategies, talks on Google’s new AdWords interface, tuning websites for search, and much more. For its opening…Continue Reading

Twitter Isn’t Stupid–But Publishers Need to Be Smart about Using It. Here’s How.

“Twitter is really the stupidest thing in the world,” Chris Brogan, blogger and social media expert, said in his Blogging and Social Media panel at the O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishers conference in February. But he didn’t mean it. At first blush, Twitter does seem like a dumb idea. It describes itself as “a…Continue Reading

ad:tech New York 2008: Curating for Relevance, Parsing What’s Social

PT thanks New York-based marketing consultant Rich Kelley for this report. “Content is no longer something you hand down from on high on a sacred tablet,” advised John Byrne, editor-in-chief of BusinessWeek. Today it’s more like “a campfire that you use to gather people. What becomes important is what then happens among the people.” The…Continue Reading

Social Media Marketing: Putting Money Where the Mouths Are

PT thanks New York–based marketing consultant Rich Kelley for his reporting. Can you get a good ROI in social media? That was one of many questions on the minds of hundreds of publishers and advertisers at the International Advertising Bureau’s Leadership Forum on User-Generated Content and Social Media in June. Speakers and panelists agreed on…Continue Reading