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International Bestseller Lists, February 2014

Every month, Publishing Trends runs fiction international bestseller lists from four territories–France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. This month, our four regular territories are joined by two more: Ireland and Israel.  Those books that have been published in English are listed with their official English-language title. All others are translated as literally as possible from the…Continue Reading

Publishers Offering Creative Writing Classes, in the UK and Beyond

In a world where “content and form can be easily separated, writers…are nothing short of desperate to understand the change that technology has forced upon traditional publishing,” writes Jason Allen Ashlock, President of Movable Type Management, in a recent Digital Book World post. In the interest of authors being better informed, some publishers are getting…Continue Reading

International Fiction Bestsellers

Crime and Punishment King Bites the Bullet, Crime Pays in New Zealand, and Carvalho’s on the Case in Spain In a somewhat bizarre development, Stephen King’s hotly downloaded e-novella Riding the Bullet has shot around the globe — in a bricks-and-mortar edition. Though hard-copy versions of the work were originally ruled out by the K-man,…Continue Reading