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Tipping the Scales: Publishers Launch BEA 2013

If “Wild West” and “Discoverability” have been buzz words of BEAs past, “Scale” is certainly a strong contender for this year’s theme. Size and scale certainly come to mind when looking at the ever-increasing offerings and co-located events supplement the BEA exhibit hall, from IDPF and bloggers conferences to library tracks and author events. Size and…Continue Reading

Publishing Trends Annual Contact Sheet 2013

For more than 15 years, Publishing Trends has published a range of annually updated contact sheets, focusing on everything from Freelance Publicity and Scouting, to more recent additions, like the App Developer Roundup. However, none of our contact sheets is as popular as our general US publishing industry contact sheet, which features publishers large and small, accounts, trade…Continue Reading

IDPF Digital Book 2009: Forget DRM

The afternoon panels and presentations at yesterday’s International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) Digital Book 2009 were filled with promises of impending hardware and software innovations. Sony Director of Business Development Bob Nell talked about the number of outlets that will be selling the Sony Reader next Christmas–6,000, which is double last year’s number–and hinted that…Continue Reading

This Book Is Brought To You By…

With ads appearing on everything from cup holders to subway risers to (ok, to use an extreme case) people’s skin, books remain one of the last of the ad-free sacred spaces. Other than the occasional unsuccessful attempt at inserts (1970′s cigarette ads) and product placement (Bulgari anyone?), publishing has never looked seriously at advertising as…Continue Reading