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Reading Adapt by Tim Harford: Your Secret Weapon? Failure.

PublishingTrends.com continues its regular column in which we review, explicate, and excerpt books that we think will resonate with people in the business of publishing and media.  **** Bemoaning the speed and amount of change she sees in the publishing industry (i.e., not enough), Suw Charman-Anderson urged publishers to read Adapt by Tim Harford in a recent Forbes article.  Adapt: Why Success Always…Continue Reading

Trendspotting 2006

Last year brought more change to an industry which is, with varying results, trying hard to embrace it. We asked some people who have recently undergone and embraced their own transitions, to look at what changes they see on the horizon. Herewith: Larry Kirshbaum, Former CEO, TWBG President, LJK Literary Management & PW’s Publisher of…Continue Reading