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DIY IP: How Publishers Develop, Exploit and Deploy Their Own Intellectual Property

While authors have always been – and will continue to be — the driving force behind popular children’s characters, more publishers than ever are now also looking in-house for the ideas that will eventually become the next Fancy Nancy or Hunger Games. Original, publisher-generated intellectual property (IP) is nothing new—Alloy has long perfected this model with…Continue Reading

ad:tech New York 2008: Curating for Relevance, Parsing What’s Social

PT thanks New York-based marketing consultant Rich Kelley for this report. “Content is no longer something you hand down from on high on a sacred tablet,” advised John Byrne, editor-in-chief of BusinessWeek. Today it’s more like “a campfire that you use to gather people. What becomes important is what then happens among the people.” The…Continue Reading

Summer Sizzlers: Media Types Encounter Royalty Disputes, Dropped Deals, and More

Even though much of the Manhattan publishing crowd was out of the city for at least a couple of weeks, Summer 2008 was surprisingly heavy on drama of the publishing variety. Here, we spice up your Labor Day weekend by providing a rundown of the events that shook up the city this season. SHERRY ARGOV…Continue Reading