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Technology and the Travel Guide

Not so long ago, one of the first steps to planning an upcoming trip was to go to the bookstore. Once the future traveler picked out where they wanted to go, travel guides helped them research and plan their trip. As with many things in publishing, the internet changed that. With the proliferation of websites…Continue Reading

Reading Adapt by Tim Harford: Your Secret Weapon? Failure.

PublishingTrends.com continues its regular column in which we review, explicate, and excerpt books that we think will resonate with people in the business of publishing and media.  **** Bemoaning the speed and amount of change she sees in the publishing industry (i.e., not enough), Suw Charman-Anderson urged publishers to read Adapt by Tim Harford in a recent Forbes article.  Adapt: Why Success Always…Continue Reading

Wiley’s Brands Buffer the Slump

John Wiley & Sons publishes the #1 seller in travel guides (Frommer’s), one of the leading franchises in consumer technology (Dummies), and what it calls the bestselling cookbook brand in the world (yep, Betty Crocker). Bolstered by the acquisition of Hungry Minds two years ago — which dropped all three of those blockbuster brands into…Continue Reading