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Top 5 Publishing Articles/Blog Posts of the Week 5/4-5/8

Every week, we recommend 5 publishing articles/blog posts that supplement the major news for the week. Whether data or industry commentary, we hope these 5 links will be a simple way to keep you in the know. What has the rise of self-publishing done for freelance editors? The May Author Earnings report illustrates how agency pricing has affected…Continue Reading

Is Free the Future?: A Review of The Curve by Nicholas Lovell

PublishingTrends.com continues its regular column in which we review, explicate, and excerpt books that we think will resonate with people in the business of publishing and media. **** Implementing what we know as “the freemium model” scares a lot of businesses, and understandably so. It’s not necessarily a groundbreaking idea; consumers are used to free trials of online services, a few…Continue Reading