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Amazon and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year Abroad

A recent article in The Telegraph calls 2015 “the year Amazon delivered on its founder’s vision.” The reporter James Titcomb explains that in 2015 Amazon grew to double its share price, finally became profitable, and is now “almost untouchable as an online retailer” due to its streamlined delivery  service. While it’s been a good year…Continue Reading

Plan B for Schedule A: Just How Big is the EU English-Language Market?

In the wake of the now infamous BEA US/UK Turf Wars panel, a flurry of debate about control of English-language rights in the European Union has risen on both sides of the Atlantic: British publishing is crumbling and must be defended. The Brits are inciting a land grab. US editions are free-riding off of UK…Continue Reading

Discounts on the Danube

Battle Over Price Maintenance Roils The European Book Trade In case there was any doubt about it, German culture minister Michael Naumann will not go gently into his country’s cultural good night. Portraying himself to the media as a lonely lookout on the prow of the Titanic, scanning for the iceberg that will plunge German…Continue Reading