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Copyright and Technology 2012: Keeping the Pirates at Bay

With a keynote by Robert Levine, journalist and author of Free Ride, about how the proponents of consumer access to free content are often those who use that content to sell advertising, this year’s  Copyright and Technology New York conference began.  A few in the audience were from book publishing – MIT’s Bill Trippe moderated…Continue Reading

A Literature of Their Own: Scottish Publishing & the Edinburgh International Book Festival

As dead as August is on the rest of the world’s cultural calendar, there might well be no more important month in Scotland. In addition to the Fringe Theater Festival, every August brings the Edinburgh International Book Festival (EIBF), this year running August 11-27. With over 800 authors and around a quarter of a million…Continue Reading

BEA Update: Publishers Launch BEA 2012

Publishers Launch BEA was one of several conferences that kicked off BEA 2012 this year on Monday, June 4, and it focused on helping publishers get their houses in order in a bifurcated world of print and digital — from workflow to discovery, to partnerships with established and newly minted vendors, to sales and marketing…Continue Reading

Lessons from O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing 2010

“If you don’t eat your own children, someone else will”: That’s how Michael Mace, Principal of the Silicon Valley–based Rubicon Consulting, began his presentation, “Check Out My Scars: Seven Lessons from the Failure of E-Books in 2000, and What They Mean to the Future of Electronic Publishing,” at the 2010 O’Reilly Tools of Change for…Continue Reading

IDPF Digital Book 2009: Forget DRM

The afternoon panels and presentations at yesterday’s International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) Digital Book 2009 were filled with promises of impending hardware and software innovations. Sony Director of Business Development Bob Nell talked about the number of outlets that will be selling the Sony Reader next Christmas–6,000, which is double last year’s number–and hinted that…Continue Reading

10 Things We Learned from Chris Brogan at TOC

Yesterday, PT attended Chris Brogan’s “Blogging and Social Media” tutorial at Tools of Change for Publishing 2009. Brogan is a social media/community-building super blogger–check him out here. His panel wasn’t a lecture or traditional speech; rather, it was a conversation with the audience. He jumped from topic to topic; showed us his Facebook, Google Reader,…Continue Reading

Trendspotting 2009: David Rothman’s Predictions

David Rothman Founder, Teleread.org Sure, Oprah loves the Kindle, Amazon’s gizmo for reading electronic books, even if it looks a bit like a Soviet-made adding machine. And a second model probably will be on the way—in fact, perhaps two. We just might see an econo-Kindle and a large-screened version for students. Forbes is so excited…Continue Reading

Mike Shatzkin on Cloud Computing and Publishers

Mike Shatzkin is the Founder and CEO of The Idea Logical Company, Inc. Cloud computing is the term for using computing resources that don’t sit on your desktop, but reside somewhere out on the Internet. The computer resources in “the cloud” could be storage capacity—hard drive space where you are storing data bits that you…Continue Reading