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Publishing Trends Annual Contact Sheet 2013

For more than 15 years, Publishing Trends has published a range of annually updated contact sheets, focusing on everything from Freelance Publicity and Scouting, to more recent additions, like the App Developer Roundup. However, none of our contact sheets is as popular as our general US publishing industry contact sheet, which features publishers large and small, accounts, trade…Continue Reading

DM Days with DM Hints

Imagine attending the Direct Marketing Days NY conference at Javits, and finding out that the thumping music, whirling characters and international crowd are there for Licensing Show, not the lettershops and list brokers. But whatever DMD Days doesn’t have, it can claim to have a corner on e-commerce. This was not always so: for years,…Continue Reading

E=I(nternet) + M(ail): Direct Marketing Days NYC

Direct Marketing Days in New York 2001, the May 21–24 conference at the Hilton when envelope manufacturers and list brokers convene to discuss changes in their industry over the past twelve months, showed once again that the basic business — junk mail delivered to your mailbox — has not died yet. And this despite the…Continue Reading