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With Great Power, Comes Meh Comic Sales

Superhero movies – and to an extent TV shows – are one of the biggest trends in entertainment of recent years.  But success on the screen doesn’t guarantee comic book sales. To better analyze the correlation, I took a look at the trade paperback sales of two comic books for two of the most popular…Continue Reading

Top 5 Publishing Articles/Blog Posts of the Week 2/22-2/26

Every week, we recommend 5 publishing articles/blog posts that supplement the major news for the week. Whether data or industry commentary, we hope these 5 links will be a simple way to keep you in the know. Why shouldn’t we worry about teenagers’ reading habits? How are the “girl” titles more than just a marketing trend? Why…Continue Reading

Bologna, from a Licensing POV

PT thanks The Licensing Letter’s Ira Mayer for his reporting. Visiting the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in March after an absence of a dozen or so years was a wonderful reminder of how vibrant an art form children’s books are. While the children’s book market is dominated by name brands (Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon, etc., as…Continue Reading