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Columbia Publishing Course Super-Grad 2016

As ever, this year’s Columbia Publishing Course (formerly the Radcliffe Publishing Course) Graduates are a remarkable group. Per our tradition here at Publishing Trends, we’ve put together one preternaturally talented graduate profile from the most interesting parts of the biographies of this year’s graduates. With the exception of some connecting phrases, the words are the students’ own. *** Typical…Continue Reading

Columbia Publishing Course 2014 Super-Grad

The super-grad is back! The Columbia Publishing Course (formerly the Radcliffe Publishing Course) graduates are back in action with backgrounds and hobbies just as impressive as past years’. Publishing Trends has once again created an amalgam of the most exotic and surprising parts of the students’ biographies, so the industry can see the type of superhuman Publishing Course graduates with…Continue Reading

Columbia Publishing Course 2013 Super-Grad

They’re back! Year after year, the Columbia Publishing Course (formerly the Radcliffe Publishing Course) introduces a preternaturally cosmopolitan and accomplished cast of students to the world of book and magazine publishing. Just as dutifully, every year Publishing Trends collects the most surprising and impressive tidbits from the students’ biographies and constructs a single (slightly more)…Continue Reading

Columbia Publishing Course 2012 Super-Grad

According to annual tradition, we have lifted the most impressive (and amusing) tidbits from the short biographies of the 104 students who are completing this summer’s Columbia Publishing Course 2012. While we’ve added a few phrases here and there to make a cohesive narrative, the adventures and accomplishments are as recounted by the students themselves. *****…Continue Reading

Summer School’s in Session: Our Annual Roundup of Pre-Professional Publishing Programs

University of Denver Publishing Institute (founded 1976) Contact: Director Joyce Meskis. (303) 871-2570; e-mail pi-info [at] du.edu 2008 dates/length: July 12–August 7 (four weeks) Cost: $4,150 Number of students: 95–100 Notable faculty: Dominique Raccah, Sourcebooks; Roger Scholl, Doubleday; Susan Moldow, Simon & Schuster; Carl Lennertz, HarperCollins; Larry Kirshbaum, LJK Literary Management; Bob Miller, HarperCollins; Kris…Continue Reading

Columbia Can Do: The Columbia Publishing Course Class of 2005

With New York swimming in sun soup, and all of Europe on vacation, it must be August, which means it’s time for another sneak peak at this year’s 100 staggeringly successful Columbia Publishing Course graduates. As in years past, we’ve compiled a composite biographical sketch of the ultimate superstar student, taken entirely from actual bios….Continue Reading

Teachers’ Pet

Teachers’ Pet This year’s 100 latte-lapping Columbia Publishing Course graduates have bedazzled us once again with their chronicles of caffeine-fueled overachievement. As in years past, we offer you a sneak peek at publishing’s next generation in the composite biographical sketch below (all content has been taken from actual student biographies). Columbia’s New York Career Day…Continue Reading

‘Real World’ Launches at Pratt

While young achievers crack open their coursebooks at the Columbia Publishing Course (100 students strong), and NYU’s Summer Publishing Institute uncorks the champagne (for its 25th anniversary), publishing scholars hail another milestone this summer as Pratt Institute launches “Publishing for the Real World,” a certificate program its creators describe as a vigorously hands-on education for…Continue Reading

Columbia’s Super-Grads

Once again, this year’s 99 highflying Columbia Publishing Course graduates have put their Palm Pilots on warp speed and wowed us with their über-achieving résumés. As in years past, we offer you a taste of publishing’s next generation in the composite biographical sketch below (all content has been taken from actual student biographies). Columbia’s New…Continue Reading

Graduation Daze

As the flashbulb-packed parties hosted by Condé Nast’s Steve Florio wind down — and the well-burnished résumés mound up — you know the summer’s publishing courses are drawing to a close. Amid the ritual job fairs and commencement speeches, PT checked in with the summer courses to see how this year’s crop of candidates is…Continue Reading