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Let’s see how far we’ve come: The Ereader War 5 Years Later

The Kindle turned five this past month, and it’s almost astounding how the market for ereaders and tablets has expanded since the first model hit Amazon’s storefront. A couple of weeks ago, we posted a chart showing the dizzying number of models currently for sale, and as we head into the holiday season, reviewers acknowledge…Continue Reading

Condensing the Conferences, bit.ly-style

It was a busy week for mini-conferences: O’Reilly and PW’s TOC Executive Roundtable took place on Tuesday, May 22, and featured Hilary Mason, Chief Scientist at bit.ly, talking about what a service like bit.ly can glean from those who use it to shorten URLs – and it’s pretty amazing.  Calling the company “the largest engine for…Continue Reading

Beyond the Bazaar

Despite its rich literary past, the Arab world today is more often thought of for its culture clashes and political discontent than its potential future as an international hub for book publishing. But with government cooperation and cash flow, it is easier for publishers to move past differences in societal standards and censorship battles to…Continue Reading

Internet Sluggers: The Baseball Online Library

When it comes to selling baseball books, you won’t find any curve balls at the Baseball Online Library, a vast repository of searchable baseball lore that recently began featuring excerpts from new and backlisted titles, with links directly to that major-league slugger, Amazon.com. As the first sales from the site were batted home last month,…Continue Reading