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Second Annual Publishing Industry Survey

It’s polling season, and PT’s not exempt! This year, 385 people who work in publishing took our survey; 86.5% completed it. The largest group of respondents were literary agents (26.8%), while the majority of respondents at publishing houses work in editorial (40.6%), followed by rights (6.3%) and sales (5.7%). 10% are 22–27, 25% are 28–35,…Continue Reading

Industry Ink Slingers

When we checked in with publishing “ink slingers” just over two years ago, Sara Nelson’s move to Publishers Weekly was imminent, and Jerome Kramer was in mid-launch of VNU’s The Bookstandard. Today, most of the industry stalwarts are still chugging along (including yours truly), many with expanded offerings. We’ve extended our profiles to include blogs…Continue Reading