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Publishing Trends Annual Contact Sheet 2013

For more than 15 years, Publishing Trends has published a range of annually updated contact sheets, focusing on everything from Freelance Publicity and Scouting, to more recent additions, like the App Developer Roundup. However, none of our contact sheets is as popular as our general US publishing industry contact sheet, which features publishers large and small, accounts, trade…Continue Reading

People Roundup, May 2011

People Steve Wasserman has joined Yale University Press as Executive Editor-at-Large, General Interest books. He remains with Kneerim & Williams as a literary agent. He was previously Literary Editor of the LA Times and Editorial Director of Times Books. Literary agent David Hale Smith has joined Inkwell Management, bringing his own list with him. He…Continue Reading

People Roundup, February 2011

PEOPLE As widely reported over the last month, while BN.com staffs up, layoffs continue at both Barnes & Noble and Borders. About 40 people were let go from Barnes & Noble recently, including Bob Wietrak, Lee Stern, Marcella Smith, Mo Stewart, and buyers Dan Mayer, Dave Hathaway, and Kim Corradini. At Borders, just after New…Continue Reading

The Zooba Zeitgeist

As jitters over snail mail consume the media, email marketers have been keen to whisper what amounts to the new gospel in direct-to-consumer marketing: opting-in. Wary of their mailboxes, the theory goes, customers are much more likely to agree to receive promotional messages via email. Whether or not this is actually the case, sagging response…Continue Reading

Of Jobs and Jump-Cuts

Every publishing career follows a narrative arc. For some, it’s the Proustian ebb of Swann’s Way. For others, it’s Finnegans Wake. And the most gripping career stories tend to be those that jump out of the genre altogether. As conversations with a dozen book-world veterans show, life after publishing does exist, and what’s more, there’s…Continue Reading

Book View, June 2001

PEOPLE As announced previously, Bill Shinker will join Penguin Putnam as SVP and Publisher of an as yet unnamed imprint, on Sept. 4. He was most recently at Free Press, where he had been Publisher from August 2000 to his resignation at the beginning of April. Ken Wright, formerly at Holt Reference, has been named…Continue Reading

Book View, December 2000

PEOPLE Two Random House appointments: Beryl Needham, previously Dir. of Marketing for Little, Brown, has been named VP Dir. of National Accts. Children’s Books. And Adene Corns has been named VP Dir. of clubs and AMS. She was previously at S&S. Corns comes to Random with her full team . . . After 21 years…Continue Reading

Content for Hire

Book Packagers Make the Best of a Worst-Case Scenario “The advantage of working with packagers,” says Mark Magowan, associate publisher at Abrams, “is that when the math of a series goes down, you don’t have to fire your own staff.” Though Magowan may be grinning as he says it, it’s no joke that book packagers…Continue Reading

Book Clubs: Forgotten But Not Dead

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AT INSIDE.COM (12/6/00) When Stephen King pulled the plug last week on his online serial story The Plant, citing a dwindling base of readers willing to pony up a buck for the latest installment, pundits rushed to declare electronic self-publishing dead on arrival. But many of them failed to notice that King’s supposed…Continue Reading

Brinkmanship at Borders

Is Borders’ “go-slow” approach to the online marketplace really a stroke of brilliance after all, as the Wall Street Journal recently postulated? The argument goes like this: despite the company’s listless approach to the Internet, which drove investors so bonkers that Borders rolled out the auction block earlier this year in search of a buyout…Continue Reading