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Click Here for Authors

It’s strap in and launch time for the three most prominent contenders in the world of author-focused websites. To wit: AuthorsOnTheWeb.com, another node on Carol Fitzgerald’s Book Report Network, expects to go live by December 11; PreviewPort.com, an author portal headed by novelist Susan Bergman, is set to roll out an e-book store, and hopes…Continue Reading

A View from the Bridge: Notes from the New-Media Database

As part of a continuing effort to chart the ripples of the industry’s sea change, PT has conducted an informal survey of more than 150 new-media companies that are staking claim to traditional publishing territory. We’ll have more to report from our research in the coming months, but first, here’s a brief snapshot of the…Continue Reading

Book View, July 2000

PEOPLE Mark Pattis, who had been CEO of Tribune Education, but left in March, right before the division was put on the market (it was just sold to McGraw–Hill), has become an investor. He is a partner in Next Chapter Holdings, a company that invests in a number of areas, including books, magazines, and digital…Continue Reading