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Search Engine Strategies Conference 2009

PT thanks New York–based marketing consultant Rich Kelley for his reporting. Social media and search had quite a mashup at this year’s Search Engine Strategies Conference. For three days, 5500 attendees alternated between panels on social media optimization strategies, talks on Google’s new AdWords interface, tuning websites for search, and much more. For its opening…Continue Reading

Trendspotting 2009: David Rothman’s Predictions

David Rothman Founder, Teleread.org Sure, Oprah loves the Kindle, Amazon’s gizmo for reading electronic books, even if it looks a bit like a Soviet-made adding machine. And a second model probably will be on the way—in fact, perhaps two. We just might see an econo-Kindle and a large-screened version for students. Forbes is so excited…Continue Reading

Here Come the E-Readers

They’re not yet ubiquitous on the subway. And the “paperless office” is still a dream at this point. Our second annual industry survey of industry professionals found that 70% of respondents had never read an e-book. It’s unlikely that entry-level employees will receive shiny new Sony Readers with their company handbooks any time soon. Still,…Continue Reading

Summer Sizzlers: Media Types Encounter Royalty Disputes, Dropped Deals, and More

Even though much of the Manhattan publishing crowd was out of the city for at least a couple of weeks, Summer 2008 was surprisingly heavy on drama of the publishing variety. Here, we spice up your Labor Day weekend by providing a rundown of the events that shook up the city this season. SHERRY ARGOV…Continue Reading

Mike Shatzkin on Cloud Computing and Publishers

Mike Shatzkin is the Founder and CEO of The Idea Logical Company, Inc. Cloud computing is the term for using computing resources that don’t sit on your desktop, but reside somewhere out on the Internet. The computer resources in “the cloud” could be storage capacity—hard drive space where you are storing data bits that you…Continue Reading

Book View, August 2008

PEOPLE Rodale President Karen Rinaldi announced that Colin Dickerman and Pam Krauss have been named VP, Publishing Directors. Dickerman will join effective September 2 and will be responsible for Rodale’s narrative nonfiction list. He was most recently Publisher of Bloomsbury USA. Krauss will join effective August 25 and will oversee the illustrated list, including cookbooks….Continue Reading

We Won! Publishers Learn That Everyone Loves (to Talk About) a Free Book

Just as a hunter sends a spray of buckshot into the forest, the book publicist can never be sure an ARC hits the right reviewer at the right time. As professional book reviews dwindle and higher-ups put pressure on publicists to “do something online,” a serendipitous moment has arrived when publisher, web, consumer, and reviewer…Continue Reading


Aggregation is so 2006. The new web is all about distributed media, and widgets are the new web’s wunderkind. With widgets, users can easily remix, repost, and share chunked content, making them a popular (and rapidly growing) marketing tool. According to ComScore, more than 48% of all US internet users – over 87 million people…Continue Reading

Bookview, August 2007

PEOPLE Following the recent news of Houghton Mifflin‘s planned acquisition of Harcourt, Gary Gentel has been appointed Interim President of the Trade and Reference Division, effective immediately. HM Chairman, President and CEO Tony Lucki told employees that “Gary will lead the division’s strategic direction with the support of the Trade and Reference management team, who…Continue Reading

International Bestsellers: Eastern European Update

When Lithuania, Poland, and the Czech Republic broke free of totalitarian rule in the late 80’s and early 90’s, poetic manifestoes blossomed and independent publishers proliferated. Hundreds of small presses sold almost 25 million books after Lithuanian Independence in 1991, up from a fraction of that put out by the six state-owned publishers previously. A…Continue Reading