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People Round-Up, Mid-October 2018

PEOPLE Ben Schrank will become SVP, Publisher of Henry Holt effective November 1, succeeding President and Publisher Steve Rubin. Schrank is presently Publisher at Razorbill. On May 1, 2019, Schrank will become President and Publisher and Rubin will become Chairman. Also at Holt, Jack Macrae is retiring after thirty-five years. Most recently he has managed…Continue Reading

International Bestsellers: The Mysterious Dame

Desperately Seeking Sister, Swede Picks Up Speed A Genealogical Guessing Game A bevy of menacing women is tearing through the list in Argentina as Marisa Grinstein profiles fourteen femmes fatales who lay to waste the stereotype of the prim and proper lady in LadyKillers. Cheated out of their destiny and left bitter with baggage, each…Continue Reading

Staying Alive

Iraqi Exile in Denmark, Czech Band Beats Persecution, Chinese Memoir Smuggled to France Defining the immigrant experience is about as easy as finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, yet a former Iraqi citizen now living in Denmark has penned her contribution to this genre with a “quiet, sad and nevertheless unsentimental portrayal of [her]…Continue Reading