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Book Reviews, Revamped: Bloggers’ Frustrations

This article is part of our series on how book reviews are changing. Introduction | The New Review | $$$ | Credibility and the Blog Blurb Question | Bloggers’ Frustrations | Meanwhile, in Consumer Book Reviews Despite the advantages of reviewing online, serious book bloggers have to battle through a mass of flimsy and badly…Continue Reading

Book Reviews, Revamped: Consumer Reviews

In 2007, we wrote about a new book publicity trend: ARC giveaway programs, in which publishers provide early copies of books to citizen reviewers through book sites or their own sites. Two years later, these programs have grown quite a bit. Details on a few: First Impressions Publisher’s fee: $750/promotion; members pay $30/year. Titles…Continue Reading

How to Get a Job in Publishing

This is a guest post by Marian Schembari, who just got her first publishing job, working at Jane Wesman Public Relations as an associate publicist. She graduated from Davidson College this year with a degree in Sociology of Gender. She has started a blog for other recent grads who want to get into publishing–check it…Continue Reading

Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs Launch food52

Today marks the official launch of food52, Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs‘s new food site geared toward serious home cooks. The site’s first project, a crowd-sourced cookbook, will be published by HarperStudio in late 2010. Hesser is an author and the former New York Times food editor and editor of T Living. Stubbs is a…Continue Reading

Freelance Publicists 2009

You may not have been counting as closely as we have, but our freelance publicist contact sheet has about 50% more entries than it did when we first started running it in 2004. In addition, freelance publicists are increasingly offering brand development and online strategies to their lists of services. As they are forced to…Continue Reading

International Best: Recovering in Russia

Russian publishing has been hit with a double dose of trouble this year, from the economic crunch to an excess of published titles. At the beginning of the recession, 100,000 new titles were being published a year, many with inflated print runs. Russian news site reports the 2008 estimate of the size of Russia’s…Continue Reading

Calling All Scouts and Publicists

Are you a literary scout or publicist who would like to be included in our annual Publicity Contact Sheet or Guide to Literary Scouts? Please let us know.

The Puzzlers

When the sudoku craze swept the country in 2005, AdAge questioned whether it was the “Rubik’s cube for the 21st century” but also pointed out that it had been around in various versions for thousands of years. Its modern guise was invented by an American architect, Howard Garns; his “Number Place” ran in Dell Pencil…Continue Reading

Google Book Search Settlement Update

Though the Google Book Search settlement has been in the news quite a bit, we admit we were glad to get a gloss from the panel of participants in the negotiations at the New York Public Library, “Expanding Access to Books: Implications of the Google Books Settlement Agreement,” on July 28. While the main points…Continue Reading

Bookview, August 2009

PEOPLE ROUNDUP Rodale CEO Steve Murphy is leaving the company and will be replaced by Maria Rodale, who also continues in her role as Chairman of the Board. Don Linn, SVP and Publisher of the Taunton Press, is leaving to launch a digital publishing house, Quartet Press. Linn will have principal responsibility for Quartet Press’…Continue Reading