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Keeping Up With the New Demand for Audiobooks

[This is an excerpt of an article, Giving Them What They Want: Keeping Up With the New Demand for Audiobooks, which was published in the August issue of Publishing Trends. To receive our newsletter in full, find out how to purchase a subscription here.] Digital audiobook downloads have steadily been increasing, and the latest AAP Sales Report shows…Continue Reading

The World Science Festival and Internet Week: Insights Galore!

PT thanks content developer and marketing consultant Rich Kelley for this piece. When Pulitzer Prize-winner Jonathan Weiner, author of a book on immortality (Long for This World), blogs that he is looking forward to hearing four scientists “talk (and possibly) spar” about the current state of longevity research, you expect he knows something. And World Science Festival…Continue Reading

To E-galley or P-galley: That Is the Question

As all aspects of book publishing become digitized, synthesized, and aggregated through metadata systems, it should come as no surprise that galleys are following suit—even the coveted advanced reader’s copies and uncorrected proofs of yore are taking on a new, digital form. Carrying the torch in the e-galley revolution is NetGalley, a company owned by…Continue Reading

Anglophone, Anyone?

The unusual tactics publishers in lesser-spoken languages are using to sell some rights, already. The Millennium Trilogy may be on English-language bestseller lists all over the world, but that doesn’t mean translated literature has “arrived” quite yet. The famous 3 percent of translated books on the US market, according to (who else?) Three Percent at…Continue Reading

The Kindle Swindle

Now that Google has gone after content farms, the next frontier for spammers is e-books. Mike Essex, a Search Specialist at UK digital marketing agency Koozai, believes that ebooks are the next frontier for content farmers and is already noticing an increasing number of spam e-books hitting ebookstores like the Kindle Store. He originally wrote…Continue Reading

What a Load of…Content

Google was getting worse. Complaints about its search results began to appear regularly online slightly over a year ago. In December 2009, venture capitalist Paul Kedrosky blogged about the difficulty of finding helpful dishwasher reviews online. He said the experience reminded him of the pre-Google era when search was “completely overwhelmed by spam and info-clutter.”…Continue Reading

Taking on E-Book Bestsellers

In November, the New York Times announced that it would begin publishing e-book bestseller lists (fiction and nonfiction) in early 2011. “We wanted to be able to tell our readers which titles were selling and how they fit together with print sales,” said Janet Elder, NYT Editor of News Surveys and Election Analysis. The tracking…Continue Reading

Bestselling E-Books, 2/1/2011

Methodology: We calculated each title’s points score based on its position on the respective e-book retailer’s top sellers list, that retailer’s market share, and the average sales ratio between each title in the print book hardcover fiction lists for the past 20 weeks (based on Nielsen BookScan data). Market share was tricky to calculate, especially…Continue Reading

Agents & E-Books Exclusive Survey Preview

The Idea Logical Company and Market Partners International recently conducted an anonymous, invitation-only survey of U.S. literary agents on the subject of e-book royalties, and many chose to comment on each question.* 135 agents took the survey. The findings—along with the reactions of seven publishing CEOs, who often questioned the agents’ contentions—will be presented by…Continue Reading

Holiday Books Survey Results Are In

For more results from this survey, check out Book-Giving Etiquette Guide and I Love You, Keith Richards. “My siblings assume that every book I get is free, so they expect books AND a ‘real present.’” “Any time I give a book, I fear it will be assumed that I did not pay for it, so…Continue Reading