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Who’s Scouting Whom: Literary Scouts Contact Sheet 2012

The 2012 version of our annual Who’s Scouting Whom Literary Scout Contact Sheet remains largely the same as last year’s. The most notable change among the 14 agencies listed is the growth of the Erin Edmison / Peter Harper venture and Liz Gately Book Scouting, both of which have more than doubled their roster of…Continue Reading

Comparing Ereading Devices: A Visual Guide

While the past couple of months have been filled with press conferences with big presentations announcing the latest tablets and ereaders on the market, many older models from the major players have left the market with little fanfare. The iRiver Story seemingly disappeared as soon as it hit the shelves, and Nook has simplified its…Continue Reading

Freelance Publicists Contact Sheet 2012

Publishing Trends’ annually updated contact sheet of freelance book publicists includes 49 firms and individuals specializing in a wide range of genres and approaches. The majority of the publicists listed use both traditional and digital approaches, plus we’ve included eight digital-only publicists who specialize in various aspects of online and social marketing and publicity. Each firm…Continue Reading

Is an MBA “value added”? Ask the grads

While MBAs have long been thought of as a major advantage in the corporate job market, there have traditionally been relatively few in trade publishing.  But that has been changing in the last decade or so – beyond house heads such as HarperCollins’ Brian Murray, Macmillan’s John Sargeant, and Perseus’s David Steinberger who have theirs (Simon & Schuster’s Carolyn Reidy has a PhD), Random…Continue Reading

Authors in the Biz

Conventional wisdom would suggest that authors who work in publishing would be the most critical as their insider knowledge allows them to judge the editing, selling and marketing capabilities of the house releasing their book. But in fact, what we discovered when we interviewed a number of people, is that these authors are among the…Continue Reading

Columbia Publishing Course 2012 Super-Grad

According to annual tradition, we have lifted the most impressive (and amusing) tidbits from the short biographies of the 104 students who are completing this summer’s Columbia Publishing Course 2012. While we’ve added a few phrases here and there to make a cohesive narrative, the adventures and accomplishments are as recounted by the students themselves. *****…Continue Reading

Book-Jobs Not by the Book: Laura Hazard Owen, Book-Biz Reporter

Our sister site, Publishing Trendsetter, posted this great Book-Jobs Not by the Book interview today with Laura Hazard Owen, former Editorial Manager here at Publishing Trends and current book industry journalist for paidContent. Always honest and accessible, Laura’s interview is just as informative as her articles, which cover everything from the DoJ case to Penelope Trunk. The…Continue Reading

More Than One Way to Make a Book: Book Printers Go Digital

When asked what single biggest trend R.R. Donnelley has noticed among its book-publishing clients of late, President of Publishing Services, Rick Marceaux answers, “We have seen a broader set of publishers’ priorities grow with regard to what they look for…across the breadth of the supply chain.” Even as the volume of traditionally manufactured books (defined as…Continue Reading

Distributor Profiles 2012

At a point when the words “fast-changing landscape” have become so universally true of publishing that one starts looking for alternative phrasings to avoid monotony, surprisingly little change appears between the Publishing Trends Distributor Survey 2011 and the results for this year. We list 25 total companies with no new additions this year: 12 publishers…Continue Reading

Execs Mark the Spot: Trends in Digital Hires

While the majority of book industry coverage at the moment is focused on ebooks and the latest developments in the tablet and ereader race, Publishing Trends wanted to focus briefly on publishers’ internal structures: how are they meeting all these new digital demands from a human resources standpoint? Initially we planned to write an article…Continue Reading