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Would That We Yanks Could Be So Collegial…

A challenging economic situation. Cover prices up; consumer spending habits down. Consolidation of distributors; retailers flexing muscles. Traditional media expensive and fragmented; new media baffling and unproven. Add a new political administration on the horizon, natural disasters creating additional uncertainty, and domestic terrorism threats dominating the news. Ask yourself: is this the environment to inspire…Continue Reading

Full Cast vs. Podcast: Digital Audiobook Update

It’s over, tape worms. Audio Renaissance published its last cassette this year: Janet Evanovich’s Lean Mean Thirteen. Random House Audio reports a format breakdown of 85% CDs and 15% digital downloads, with tape sales negligible. Retailers don’t sell cassettes, duplicators don’t duplicate them, and publishers don’t produce them anymore., often considered the benchmark of…Continue Reading

International Bestsellers: Russia, Russia, Russia

“Intellectual Bestseller” may sound like a contradiction in terms for the U.S. book market, but Russia’s literary tradition of complex allegory and existential musing is still going strong. Cheap romance novels and Lord of the Rings knockoffs haven’t faltered (whatever happened to censorship?) – but Russian book prizes are what make or break many of…Continue Reading

DM Days with DM Hints

Imagine attending the Direct Marketing Days NY conference at Javits, and finding out that the thumping music, whirling characters and international crowd are there for Licensing Show, not the lettershops and list brokers. But whatever DMD Days doesn’t have, it can claim to have a corner on e-commerce. This was not always so: for years,…Continue Reading

International Bestsellers: Different Books From Elsewhere

International buzz is building over Mizé, the Portuguese novel by Ricardo Adolfo that appeared last year from Dom Quixote. Berlin Verlag recently nabbed German rights and in a hush hush deal, film rights were just sold to a major film company, so far nameless. Rumor has it the location will be changed from Lisbon to…Continue Reading

Go Global, Think Local: Baby Book Fairs are Growing Up

It’s July and publishing folk the world over have settled back down now that the spring trifecta of book fairs—London, Bologna, BEA—has passed. The jury’s still out on which one––including Frankfurt of course––wins the rights race, and, as usual, there’s been plenty of speculation. But as big book fair chatter continues, another conversation is ramping…Continue Reading

Porn! (at the Licensing Show)

Welcome to America would have made an appropriate slogan for this year’s annual Licensing Show at New York’s Javits Center. The 27th edition proved to be bigger, badder and more overwhelming than the last: complete with a free thong giveaway, real live penguins and Disney characters galore, exhibitors went to extremes to get their brand…Continue Reading

Distribution Evolution

The distribution terrain underwent a few sizeable rumbles last year, not to mention the major quake of the AMS bankruptcy that sent PGW flying to Perseus after a tussle with NBN, resulting in Perseus’ coopting of the indie publisher distribution biz. As the dust settles, smaller distributors are poised to grab the trickle down of…Continue Reading

Our Long and Winding (& Costly!) Supply Chain

Six-hundred year-old businesses are not rolling stones. Moss gathers. And in book publishing, no stone has thicker moss than the one representing the complex pathway that every single book follows as it moves from printer and manufacturer to ultimate consumer. (And, unfortunately, sometimes back again.) While a picture may be worth the proverbial thousand words,…Continue Reading