International Bestsellers, July 2018

Every month, Publishing Trends runs fiction international bestsellers lists from four territories–France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. This month, our four regular territories are joined by two more: Greece and Portugal. Those books that have been published in English are listed with their official English-language title. All others are translated as literally as possible from the original. Where applicable, the US publisher is listed after the local publisher, separated by a “/”. The lists are taken from major newspapers or national retailers, which are noted at the bottom of each list.

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  1. Aug 1, 201811:16 am
    Kent S Larsen

    I must say that just 6 countries, all in Europe, isn’t terribly inclusive. If you need help getting this information, I’m sure I could help with Brazil, and perhaps with Spanish-language countries also. It seems crazy that you would only have 6 European countries on your list!

  2. Aug 1, 20182:50 pm
    PT Editors

    Hi Kent – the last two countries are rotating slots and have, in the last few months, included Nigeria, Mexico, Singapore, and Israel. This feature is intended to be a snapshot, not a comprehensive survey. However, we’re always happy to hear about new sources for less-featured countries.

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