In Case You Missed It…Publishing Trends Picks: Rise by Karen Campbell

We’re all big readers here in the Publishing Trends office; so today we’re happy to announce a new feature on Publishing Trends, In Case You Missed It. Whenever we read a great book that we think might be flying too low under the radar, we’ll share it with you here. Our interests are wide so we can’t wait to share a variety of books with you.

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In Case You Missed It…Publishing Trends Picks: Rise by Karen Campbell (Bloomsbury, 2015)


From Amy:
I happened on to this title due to a good NYT review and a strong predilection for fiction by Scots. (Don’t ask.) Though Campbell has written a number of earlier books, this is the first to be published here and it’s accomplished, original, moving…all around terrific. A bit hard to categorize as there’s an element of suspense and threat but I think the appeal will go well beyond genre readers. Campbell’s protagonists are sympathetic, distinctive, and believable and she writes with a strong sense of irony that lends dark humor to the story.

Imagine a very contemporary drama set in a small, inbred town in remote Scotland.  Wonderful writing rounds out the many pluses of Rise.

Justine is on the run from her old life, and Michael and Hannah relocate in an effort to repair their broken marriage, landing all three of them in remote Kilmacarra, Scotland. An accident brings them all together, and Justine’s past might have consequences for all three of them.