Top 5 Publishing Articles/Blog Posts of the Week 1/6-1/10

number_5_redEvery week, we recommend 5 publishing articles/blog posts that supplement the major news for the week. Whether data or industry commentary, we hope these 5 links will be a simple way to keep you in the know. 

Could selling self-published books in physical bookstores boost profits?

An author survey reveals indie authors prefer the path of traditional publishing over self-publishing.

Barnes and Noble released their sales figures for the holiday season showing significant drops in sales.

In the ever-changing landscape of publishing, some fear the end of of the historically experimental mid-list.

An exploration of what the deeper motive behind Zola’s acquisition of Bookish may be: Amazon.

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  1. Jan 11, 201412:23 pm
    Ralph Aldori

    Let’s face it, Trade Publishing will always remain the serious accolade to Writers…BUT regretfully & unfortunately, the USA publishers & Lit. Agents are so “insulated” that they have become the laughter of the rest of the global Lit. Industry! i.e.,
    in London, one major Publisher’s top fiction editor when asked how come she invited me the next day when I called, while the Americans are so insulated,she answered “because they’re stupid since one never knows what diamonds & pearls can come off the street. Hence the creative migration abroad where more & more, also from an economic POV an accent is put on creativity by helping fund individual STARTUPS!!! i.e. Korea and UK now just in the past few months.

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