Freelance Publicists Contact Sheet 2013

This year’s edition of Publishing Trends’ annually updated contact sheet of freelance book publicists includes 56 firms and individuals specializing in a wide range of genres and approaches. We’ve added 13 new companies (Buxus PR, Franklin Public Relations, The Hendra Agency, JSA Kids Marketing, Lorna Garano, McCartin / Daniels PR, Rare Bird Lit, VM / PR, Richards Public Relations, Sarah Russo Public Relations, Whitney Peeling Public Relations, Wiley Saichek, Marketing and Publicity Consultant, and Your Expert Nation) and removed the following 5 companies (AuthorBuzz, Authors on the Web, Deborah Sloan & Company, and Social Media PR Solutions, and Sonnet Media).

The majority of the freelance publicists listed use both traditional and digital approaches (this year even more so than in years past), plus 3 digital-only publicists who specialize in various aspects of online and social marketing and publicity. Each firm chooses a few specialties to list here; to download a PDF of the whole sheet, click below.

* Updated 11/14/2013 to include Kaye Publicity, Meghan Phillips Public Relations, and Parsont Publicity Group

* Updated 11/12/2013 to include Barclay Publicity

* Updated 1/10/2014 to include Peppersoup Media

* Updated 1/23/2014 to include Kathryn Hall

* Updated 3/4/2014 to include Ein Communications

* Updated 4/7/2014 to include Jennifer Prost Public Relations

Click on the image of the chart above for a full PDF version of the 2013 Freelance Publicists Contact Sheet.

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  1. Nov 12, 20132:20 pm

    For the record, we are indeed “reachable” but aren’t publicists, so shouldn’t have been on the sheet in the first place. Sonnet Media is a web design, development and consulting firm, with no publicity capabilities.

  2. Nov 12, 20132:37 pm
    PT Editors

    Sorry for any confusion, Bud! We will amend the copy. “Reachable” was used more as a catch-all, as some of the companies mentioned do not exist anymore and others were not available to update information.

  3. Nov 13, 201310:21 am
    Meg A. Parsont

    At one point I was on your list but seem to have dropped off. How do I get back on for next time? I’ve been doing freelance book publicity for about 10 years.


    Meg A. Parsont

  4. Nov 13, 20134:12 pm
    Colleen Lindsay

    You should also include Kaye Publicity, headed up by Dana Kaye. We’ve used her in campaigns several times and she’s fantastic.

  5. Nov 13, 20134:16 pm
    Colleen Lindsay

    Ah, and I just noticed that Lauren Cerand is not on your list. She’s fabulous!

  6. Nov 13, 20135:33 pm

    Hi, I would like to get my employer, Kaye Publicity on this list. How would I go about doing that?

  7. Nov 13, 20135:58 pm
    Wiley Saichek

    Thanks for updating my listing! Appreciate it! Not sure if there is enough room to modify in the article part, but I wanted to clarify that AuthorsOnTheWeb is still around — just focusing on website design/development projects instead of offering marketing/publicity services, which was my AOTW area when I was a staffer there.

    All best,
    Wiley Saichek

  8. Nov 14, 20139:46 am
    PT Editors

    Thank you for your comment, Wiley! We have amended the copy to reflect this.

  9. Nov 14, 201310:01 am
  10. Nov 14, 201310:32 am
  11. Nov 14, 201312:38 pm

    Hi folks,

    A friend of mine suggested I contact you about getting added to your referral list. Great list BTW! 🙂 I’ve been freelancing since May of 2011 but until August I’ve been working exclusively for a publisher client. I’ve gone public and I’m actively signing new clients now so I’d love to be added to your contact sheet. I specialize in Women’s Romantic Fiction and offer both marketing and public relations services. A rare mix. 🙂

    Thanks for your consideration,
    Danielle Barclay
    Get all the deets at

  12. Dec 11, 20132:38 am

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