Freelance Publicists Contact Sheet 2012

Publishing Trends’ annually updated contact sheet of freelance book publicists includes 49 firms and individuals specializing in a wide range of genres and approaches. The majority of the publicists listed use both traditional and digital approaches, plus we’ve included eight digital-only publicists who specialize in various aspects of online and social marketing and publicity. Each firm chooses a few specialties to list here; to download a PDF of the whole sheet, click below.

* Updated 10/10 to include Kimberly Burns Literary Publicity in chart.

* Updated 10/15 to include Eleanor Van Natta Publicity in chart.

Click on the image of the chart above for a full PDF version of the 2012 Freelance Publicists Contact Sheet.

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  1. Apr 7, 20138:31 am

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  2. Nov 5, 20139:49 pm

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